Why Fire Pits Are Increasing In Popularity


Posted by | Posted in General | Posted on 16-12-2010

A fire pit is a structure used to house fire in the outdoors. Fire pits are similar to fireplaces, in that they are essentially designed to improve the ambiance and provide warmth. They can be built from stone, brick or metal, and are typically installed in the garden area or lawn area of residential households. Fire pits are becoming increasingly popular for homeowners throughout the world, as they provide an avenue to enjoy longer periods of time in the outdoors during cold weather, making them a great addition to the exterior of most homes.

With a fire pit installed in your garden, you can spend extra time outside even after the sun sets and cold air starts to set in. Having a properly controlled fire that provides adequate warmth can help to create an attractive ambiance for family reunions and friendly gatherings during the night time. It is also possible to use fire pits for simple barbecues or to roast marsh mellows. As you can see, there are plenty of activities that could be enjoyed or further enhanced with the addition of a fire pit to the outdoor area of your property.

Fire pits can be built from scratch or purchased as an installable unit; you can find commercially manufactured pits at large local furniture stores or online retailers. Many fire pits are made from metal and built as portable structures that can easily be moved from one location to another when deemed necessary.

Other types that are built from stone or brick may need to be built into the ground or onto a separate structure, making them more difficult to move unless disassembled. Self made pits are relatively simple to build. All you basically need is a sturdy structure that will keep the fire within certain boundaries while providing enough space to store fuel and possibly include a barbecue grill. Most pits are designed in a circular shape for convenience.

Fire pits can be placed within the lawn area, patio, terrace, or garden of your home. If you choose to install a fire pit, consider purchasing a set of outdoor furniture to go along with it. Furniture that would look good next to a fire pit might include several lounge chairs or wicker chairs. There are plenty of ways to make the outdoor area of your home a more attractive and inviting place, and installing a fire pit is just one of them.